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大生。圍。也似是個香港譬喻,大家都努力圍抱一片自由可居之地。願以詩化文字,魚zine 為形,從2019 年夏末開始,記下所思所感,留下獨特本土魚塘風景。

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image: 大生圍的果子 Fruit in Tai Sang Wai

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

2020年1 月24 日,年三十晚,武漢 SARS 如大布蓋頂,黑影重重 ,消息多亂,人心惶惶。早上大霧,處處是口罩人。後有大陽,心情才好了點,走在大生圍蘭姨魚塘附近的一條滿是果樹的路,大樹菠蘿都似在跳舞,在斷枝破幹上狂野爆動,生之舞。其他果子也在奮發向前,生之意志,傲發綠色,人類何時是才真正承認自己的微小,不過是世界一小角色,卻要逞強,狂殺狂吃,以為可以改變一切,操控其他生靈,終必自吃苦果。

On 24 January 2020, Lunar New Year's Eve, Wuhan SARS was like dark mist engulfing us. The chaotic news spread fear among people. It was foggy on that morning, and there were masked people everywhere. Later, there was sunshine, and I was in a better mood. I walked on a road full of fruit trees close to Aunt Laan's fishpond. The jackfruit seemed to be dancing the dance of birth fiercely on the broken branches and trunks. Other fruits were moving forward, exerting their will of living through their verdancy. When will human truly recognize their tininess? We play just a small role in the world, but we are so stubborn that we kill and eat presumptuously, thinking we can change everything and control other creatures. We will take the consequences of our own deeds.

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