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字在大生圍 Words in Tai Sang Wai

大生。圍。也似是個香港譬喻,大家都努力圍抱一片自由可居之地。願以詩化文字,魚zine 為形,從2019 年夏末開始,記下所思所感,留下獨特本土魚塘風景。
Tai Sang Wai, located near to Mai Po Wetland in Yuen Long, is protected by The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance to retain the scenery of the fishponds. Together with its historical context and the efforts of villagers and Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, this precious ecological paradise, a neighbourhood where the villagers live alongside with fishes, birds, insects and fruit in harmony, is preserved. The characters tai sang (to live together) and wai (to embrace) also seem like an analogy to Hong Kong, where everyone strives for a place they can live in with liberty. I would like to represent the scenery of the fishponds and my feelings with poetic words in the form of a FishZine.

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image: 大生圍的果子 Fruit in Tai Sang Wai

2020年1 月24 日,年三十晚,武漢 SARS 如大布蓋頂,黑影重重 ,消息多亂,人心惶惶。早上大霧,處處是口罩人。後有大陽,心情才好了點,走在大生圍蘭姨魚塘附近的一條滿是果樹的路,大樹菠蘿都似在跳舞,在斷枝破幹上狂野爆動,生之舞。其他果子也在奮發向前,生之意志,傲發綠...

image: 曬的智慧 Wisdom of Drying

來到大生圍總看見很多就地取材,隨手而來的生活智慧,如看村民是用什麼來曬魚,曬菜? When I come to Tai Sang Wai, I often see a lot of local and hands-on wisdom. For example, what...

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