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大生。圍。也似是個香港譬喻,大家都努力圍抱一片自由可居之地。願以詩化文字,魚zine 為形,從2019 年夏末開始,記下所思所感,留下獨特本土魚塘風景。

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主題: 魚塘寫作工作坊 Fishpond Writing Workshop

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

2019 年由「藝術到家」主辦的「食塘源野藝術節」邀請了不同的藝術家在大生圍舉行不同媒界及不同媒體的工作坊。




The " Fishpond Sweet Sustainable Art Festival 2019 " hosted by "Art Together " in 2019 invited different artists to hold workshops in various forms and media in Tai Sang Wai.

Among them, there was a "We are not dead fish" fishpond writing class in October. The creator Cally YU used the "Writing Fish" as a form and asked the students to observe a completely fleshed out fishbone carefully. The students then drew an imaginary fish in one stroke and used automatic writing to write on their feelings of that day.

There was also a sensory exercise. The students wearing a blindfold sat quietly, laid down one’s thoughts, listened to the sounds around them and then wrote down their feelings with the theme "Whispering".

There were also people walking along the ponds to comprehend the images, writing down their feelings on life and death and the juxtaposition of all things under the topics of "Death Is A Kind Of Journey" and "You’re Idling While I’m Being Beautiful".

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